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Glow Path Pavers™

Create an amazing nighttime setting!

Glow Path Pavers™

Create magical effects with your commercial projects!

Glow Path Pavers™

Nighttime will never look the same!

Glow Path Pavers™

Are now being manufactured in the U.S.A. and Canada!

Glow Path Pavers™

Power your residential projects with amazing Glow Path Pavers

Glow Path Pavers™

Nighttime will never look the same!

Glow Path Pavers, the only self-illuminated paver, is now available for your outdoor, low-light illumination application.

Welcome to the World of Glow Path Pavers! Our products are a unique way to add subtle illumination for residential backyards, municipal spaces, and commercial properties. Simply put, there is nothing quite like Glow Path Pavers, and we’ve got the patents to prove it! Glow Path Pavers are manufactured to meet and exceed North American standards set by both ASTM International and the CSA Group. They are manufactured to be resistant to solvents, gasoline, motor oils, and acids, and are unaffected by de-icing salt.

Glow Path Pavers offer a subtle, continuous glow for 8-10 hours after dark, providing a low-level illumination that is perfect after sundown for pedestrian walkways, to add mood-enhancing visual accents to pool decks and backyards, and to provide a margin of safety to municipal spaces.

Glow Path Pavers use the latest luminescent technology, providing an enriched surface accented with a long-lasting glow aggregates. Glow Path Pavers are first in luminescent performance, first in manufacturing technology, and unique in the marketplace!

Residential Applications

Glow Path Pavers offer a great new look to any recreational area in and around your home. Nighttime around the pool, deck or outdoor walkway has never looked more stylish, or been safer after dark.

Glow Path Pavers provide a soft, sophisticated glow in any area around your home and property, while maintaining a classic brick paver look.

Glow Path Pavers can be used decoratively in a variety of applications, ranging from pool, decks, and patios to outdoor entertainment areas and outdoor kitchens. They are also effective in garden areas or unlit walkways around your home, providing a margin of safety in unlit areas.

Commercial Applications

Glow Path Pavers are available in custom-formed sizes for use in commercial and municipal applications. Public spaces, pedestrian walkways, and community recreational areas can benefit from our Glow Path Pavers installations.

Our advanced technology paver products add immeasurably to safety, enabling subtle and durable glow for 8-10 hours for municipal spaces, public parks, and office plazas. sidewalks.

Glow Path Pavers provide a flexible, virtually maintenance-free solution for your outdoor commercial needs.

Glow Path Pavers Styles & Specs

Abruzzo Smooth

Abruzzo Smooth Glow Path Paver 6" x 12" home image
6" x 12" Glow Path Paver

Holland Stone

Holland Stone Glow Path Paver 4x8 home image
4" x 8" Glow Path Paver

Traveno Textured

Traveno Textured Glow Path Paver 13x13 home image
13" x 13" Glow Path Paver

Valentia Smooth

Valentia Smooth Glow Path Paver 12x12 home image
12" x 12" Glow Path Paver

The Jewish New Glow Path March 11, 2020 Article
Alex Ketty of West Bloomfield, Jeremy Eckhous of West Bloomfield and John Ketty of Birmingham. (Photo by Jerry Zolynsky / The Jewish News)

The Glow Path Story

The genesis of Glow Path Pavers was created during a conversation between Alex Toma and Jeremy Eckhous about a new patio deck. Jeremy had some new “glow in the dark” material that he was experimenting with. Alex took one look at some of the things Jeremy had developed and immediately knew there were numerous applications in the hardscape and paving industry. He invited his brother, John, into the conversation, and Glow Path Pavers was born.


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