About Glow Path Pavers

Glow Path Pavers absorb the sun’s light energy during the day, giving your property a unique radiant glow at night. There is nothing like it.
Glow Path Pavers produce a subtle natural blue, aqua, or green “glow in the dark” illumination at your residence. They are great for patios, pool areas, gardens, pathways, or any outdoor areas around your home.
Glow Path Pavers’ brilliant luminescent aggregate technology radiates natural, stored light for many hours after daylight sun exposure and will continue to glow long after dark.
Glow Path Pavers can reduce the need for artificial light and with a long life-span, will light the way around your home for years to come.
Glow Path Pavers’ aggregates have been tested tens of thousands of charge/discharge cycles without failure.
Glow Path Pavers use cutting-edge technology with the aggregate physically embedded within the brick paver.
Glow Path Pavers, unlike other designs, are not surface coated using a spray-on coating or carrier that may flake off.

Important Information: